Updating a BEASTLY Arcade stick…..

For the few of you who know me, you probably know I like to tinker with electronics, and mostly Arcade and Pinball Machines.

What you may not know is that I also modify Console Joysticks for fighting games……

With the announcement that Street Fighter V was going to be exclusive to PS4 (And yes I know, PC Mater Race blah blah) I had the need to “Upgrade” some of my sticks to PS4 since, at the time, there was no confirmation that old PS3 sticks would in fact work on Street Fighter V. This led to my 2 main sticks being chopped up, and rebuilt, better than ever. The focus of this post is the work on my Custom stick, a Jasen’s Customs Panzer fight stick!

I got to meet Jasen a few years ago at Free Play Florida in Orlando, FL. I am a regular there and usually bring a couple of games with me for the attendees to enjoy. That year, I had brought my recently acquired Atomiswave SD candy cabinet. The cab came with a 1L6B panel with a card reader, which wasn’t going to work for me as I wanted the cab for 2 player games more than anything. I found that Jasen made reproduction panels of the 2 player AWSD panel, and snagged one up. Within a week, I had the new panel (Which is powder coated!!!) installed and playing like a champ. Jasen had mentioned that he never got to see one of his panels on a cab outside of his own, so I gladly brought him over to the Candy section to let him jam on it.

We got to talking and I saw that he had brought some goodies to sell. One day, I WILL get one of his superguns, but what caught my attention was his Panzer Fight Stick Shells.

Long Story short, I wound up buying a 1L6B case with 3 side buttons, white powder coated top with Black powder coated base. I ran a PS360+ board in this for about 2 years, and it worked flawlessly for USF4 and other PS3 / X360 / PC games.

Recently, a newer company called Brook got into the Custom PCB game, and released a custom PS4 board for fight stick modders. The board itself is very nice, but also TOO small IMO.

I chat with Jasen on Facebook from time to time and he mentioned he had built a couple custom “Breakout” boards for the PCB and graciously offered to send me one to try out.

This is the story of that build :)

Adapter Board

This is the www.jasenscustoms.com Brook P3/PS4 board that adapts an Original Panzer Fight Stick to play on PS4. The odd through holes mount up to the Brook Board itself, as seen in the coming photos.

Panzer Boards

This is what came to me from Jasen. Everything needed to mount the Brook PCB to his Breakout Board, which in turn mounts to the Panzer’s Mounting posts.


I started by soldering in the posts that connect the Panzer Board to the Brook board. These were easy enough to cut, to place them in each through hole, and solder into place. Once this was done, it was on to dropping the Brook on top of these posts into their matching through holes.


nice little Sandwich :)


I then used my Multi Meter to read all of the boards pinouts. Once all of this was done, it came down to making a new wire loom for the Panzer to use.


I used an old busted Jamma Harness and cut enough wire for all 9 buttons (6 face buttons, Start (Options), Home, and Share). Then, wrapped them in some pretty pink Flexfit wrap, then heat shrinked the ends.


The other ends simply get soldered into their matching number through hole on the Jasenscustoms board, and that’s that!

So, without further adieu, here she is!


Worked perfectly on the first shot. I did have to update the firmware on the Brook board, but once that was done, everything is working like a champ!

So, here is that “2nd” stick I was talking about….. maybe I’ll write a build log on this one some day……Maybe.


If you are in need of some cool Arcade / Fisghtstick stuff, be sure to check out Jasen’s shop at www.jasenscustoms.com

-Adam AdamSig

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