We will be hosting several weekly segments via our channel.

Keep an eye out for the schedule of events!

I use various equipment for my Streaming needs:

Most often I use the following Equipment:

Lenovo Thinkpad T420 laptop (i7 Dual Core – 8gb Ram)

Custom Built Desktop (i7 Quad Core – 32gb Ram)

Avermedia Capture Card for Newer consoles and any HDMI equipment

Amazon Link

IO – Media USB-GV S-Video / Composite capture dongle

Amazon Link

Various Webcams (I find that using different Brands makes multi cam streaming easier)

Amazon Link

I use different Microphone Setups depending on what we are working on.

Pinball and Large Group Microphone Amazon Link

Single Person / PC capture I use a Yamaha Mixer and some Behringer Microphones with normal XLR cables. I run the audio out channel to my Computer’s Microphone in.

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